Easy to Grow Florida Wildflowers

Learn about native Florida wildflowers that can be easily grown in your home garden and landscape. Not only do native wildflowers support butterflies, bees and other pollinators, they also provide such ecological benefits as improving soil health, preventing erosion, and improving water quality. Attend this session to receive a copy of the Florida Wildflower Foundation publication, 20 Easy-To-Grow Wildflowers, which will be your guide to choosing and establishing plants that will benefit wildlife and beautify your yard. Other helpful publications will also be available. There will be an optional walk in the native wildflower garden on the campus following the presentation

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UF Milton/Pensacola State College Campus Room 4814
5988 US-90 bldg 4800 room 4814
Milton, FL 32570
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Event Host:
Joshua Criss
Joshua Criss
Guest Instructor(s):
Suzanne Spencer