Scallop Sitter Volunteer Program for Franklin County

Become a Franklin County Scallop Sitter! The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and UF/IFAS Extension - Florida Sea Grant have partnered to implement an innovative community-driven effort to restore scallop populations, and we need your help! “Scallop Sitter” volunteers are trained to assist in Bay, Gulf and Franklin Counties. The goal of the program is to increase scallop populations in our local bays. Scallop sitters help reintroduce scallops into suitable areas from which they have disappeared. Volunteers manage predator exclusion cages of scallops, which are either placed in the bay or by a dock. The cages provide a safe environment for the scallops to live and reproduce, and in turn repopulate the bays. Volunteers make monthly visits from June until December to their assigned cages where they clean scallops (algal and barnacles can attach), check mortality rate and collect salinity data that helps us determine restoration goals and success in targeted areas. The only requirements to participate in this program are the following: • Live near St. George Sound from June 2022 – January 2023 • Have access to the bay: either a private dock, boat, or kayak • Be willing and able to care for and clean scallops once a month from June – January • View via webinar and/or attend our scallop-restoration training workshop • Availability to pick-up scallops • To become a scallop-sitter, we will also need some basic information from you to complete the required FWC permit for this project. So, how do I get started in becoming a Scallop Sitter? Register here and we will be in contact regarding the pre-survey, training opportunities and scallop/equipment pickup dates. Please copy and paste link into your web browser:

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